1. Import your data

Connect your data sources, upload multiple files, add a website for crawling, connect it to Woocomerce, Zoho Commerce, Zoho Books, Wix and more and let MightyChat do the magic for you

2. Customize behavior

Give your chatbot instructions to match your brand’s personality or request emails and phone numbers to capture leads.

3. Integrate with your business

Connect your chatbot to your website and favorite tools like Zoho SalesIQ, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and more.

How MightyChat™ Helps You Drive Conversions


Capture ALL your leads by answering inmediatley 24/7

A reply within 5 minutes makes you 100 times more likely to get a response from your prospect

MightyChat replies imediately with relevant information, collects contact info and books apointments 24/7.


Share your pricing + inventory information instantly

Train your MightyChat with your own pricing information and have a ChatBot answering all your clients inquires inmediatly. No more lost business for slow answers


Capture email and give valuable insight about your business

Train your MightyChat with your business information so your prospects get to know everything about your company


Integrates with your favorite apps


White glove treatment . 100% money back guarantee

Bespoke service. We connect to your data source, train and deploy your MightyChat in your organisation.

Real life examples


For Real Estate

How we integrated MightyChat.ai with a real estate company’s database to deliver instant answers to potential clients, eliminating lost leads.


For ecommerce

How we helped a CBC client connect MightyChat to Zoho Commerce and Zoho Desk to answer customer inquiries on the go.

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